Thursday, October 21, 2010

Margaret Sue Masters, "The Kentucky Hostess" Make the Perfect Kentucky Bourbon Ball

Margaret Sue Masters, "The Kentucky Hostess" makes the Perfect Kentucky Bourbon Ball for her guests who come from across America and from around the world for drinks and dinner at her tavern and dinner house, Chapeze House, "Kentucky's Home for Bourbon" in Bardstown, Kentucky on the western edge of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Margaret Sue declares that The Perfect Kentucky Bourbon Ball is one of the great symbols of Kentucky hospitality.

The Kentucky Bourbon Ball is a candy that has been revered in Kentucky for over a hundred and fifty years. It is a treat we offer our guests as a passed appetizer during our cocktail hour, as a dessert piece after breakfast, lunch or dinner and as a gift of Kentucky hospitality for friends visiting the house or for out of town guests anytime.

When you serve the Kentucky Bourbon Ball, by all means place them upon a silver tray, preferably an heirloom piece. Serve the Kentucky Bourbon Ball with ceremony and the respect due it. There are ten generations of Kentucky hospitality symbolized by the Kentucky Bourbon Ball and it is worthy of our high regard.

Combine two-cup each of finely chopped vanilla wafer crumbs and finely chopped pecans. Add one-cup powdered sugar. Stir in a half cup Kentucky Bourbon. Form the nougat into balls the size of a small marble and place on a tray lined with wax paper. Refrigerate overnight. Next day melt a whole package of chocolate bark. Place nougat on a fork or candy dipping ring and dip into melted chocolate bark. Place chocolate covered nougat on a tray lined with wax paper, press on a whole half pecan nut. When batch is on the tray, place in refrigerator for four hours.

Put Bourbon Balls up in a tin box, layers separated by wax paper. Soak a paper towel with Kentucky Bourbon and place on top layer of wax paper. Cover the tin box and keep refrigerated until ready to serve. Oh my.
Margaret Sue Masters, "The Kentucky Hostess"
Chapeze House, "Kentucky's Home for Bourbon"

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  1. I'm new to discovering Bardstown. I've heard about Kentucky Music Week from friends. I'm considering attending this year and have found your website. Your recipes and town sound charming. I'm originally from the Midwest, but have moved to South Texas.

    Do you have special rates for the week of June 17-22, 2012 for Kentucky Music Week?
    Eileen guckenberger